Packrafting the Colorado River

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Country: USA Rivers: Colorado
Start: Moab End: Spanish Bottom
Route: Canyonlands Nationalpark
Distance: 60 miles Time: 5 days
Current: good Difficulties river: strong headwinds
Supply: self sufficient Boat: packraft

strong headwinds which pushed us sometimes even upriver against rthe current and though we were paddling

Rating: great flatwatertrip


A long march: We intend to make a paddle tour of several days on the Colorado River and are taken by Barb down to the Tourist Information to get the permit. Unfortunately we find out that one gets the permit in the administration centre of the parks: 5 km out of town. While Martin hitchhikes to the administration centre Nadine goes into the store of Canyon Voyages (Rafting company) to get some infos from Don, which we met the day before on the hike. As Don's wife hears, that I'm hitchhiking she jumps with Nadine into her car "to give me a lift". Nevertheless, I also had luck and thus we arrive nearly at the same time in the administration centre. After we got our permit she drives us back to the tourist info, because we had deposited our backpacks there . What a great and unexpected help! From there we hike to the Colorado River which we suppose to be very close by. Then itbturns out that the river is 6 km away. With our backpacks and 25 l of water we hike along the highway, and thus we have quite long arms as we finally arrive
Packrafting on the Colorado: The Colorado River is famous for his breathtaking rapids, however, there are also quiet sections and we have selected one of this. Some 110 km we want to paddle down into Canyon Lands National Park, and like the name says already there are many canyons here.
A storm: About midday of the 2nd day the wind freshens all at once and we have more trouble with paddling. The wind gets stronger and stronger and thus we are quite exhausted when we pitch our tent behind a rock in the evening . The next day then it becomes even stormier. The wind whips up the river in such a way that we have here and there so high waves, that I can see only Nadines head. Although we have a good current and paddle with all our strength, we often simply paddle on the spot. A few times the wind is even so strong that although we paddle and in spite of current the wind pushed us backward and thus upstream. As if this was not already enough the wind whirls of course also the sand on the sandy benches, and thus we deal with a few smaller sandstorms. Unfortunately, we couldn't take any picture because we had other problems.
Anazazi ruins: About 1000 years ago the Anazazi Indian have lived in northern Arizona and southern Utah. As well as the Maya the Anazazi had a sophisticated culture which has disappeared for inexplicable reasons around 1300 AD. Just these rock houses are still quiet witnesses.
The Needles: Then about midday of the fourth day we arrive at the Spanish Bottom, pack our boats and stark hiking back. The "Needles" exist of countless rock piles, canyons and narrow gulches which are sometimes so narrow, that we are just able to squeeze ourselves through them. Once we pass by a natural rock tunnel which is so low, that we must creep on our feet and hands through him. Although we hike only 1.5 days through the Needles until we arrive a a paved road but we were absolutely inspired. The scenery is more than only breathtaking!




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