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Country: Argentina (north) Location: Pumamarca
Rating: The rock seems to glow from inside.
Pumamarca I: 65 km to the north of Jujui there is the small town Pumamarca which is famous for his 7-coloured rock. The colours of the rock look almost quite in a kitschy way nice in the morning sun and anyhow unsubstantially.
Pumamarca II: After we have made like all the others also from the view hill from a photo and had made, besides, the acquaintance of a school class from El Carmen we let ourselves on a wall in Purmamarca down to have breakfast first of all comfortably in the face of the coloured rock. After a short chat with the villagers on the marketplace woolen things sell and an Argentine here his winter vacation spends we come along on the way in the mountains.




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