Salar Uyuni

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Country: Bolivia Location: Salar Uyuni
Rating: Unbelievable beautiful landscape
Salar Uyuni: The next day, finally, then it goes on the Salar de Uyuni, the biggest and highest salt lake of the earth on 3653 m. After many washing board runways and sandy runways of the last days cycling on the smooth and firm salt crust is a true relief. We were real a little bit anxiously because of the orientation on the Salar, however, thanks to the road description of the Swiss and the black lanes not to be overlooked (thanks to tyre wear) of the tourist jeeps the orientation is absolutely trouble-free. About 40 km we go dead-straight northwards up to Isla Inkawasi who lies here in the middle of the Salar. One can see the island, by the way, already from 30 km of distance.
A dream in white:
Hexagon-shaped salt edges: To destroy the nice hexagonal salt edges not needlessly we also keep quite well to the lanes (except around briefly a few photos to make).
Isla Inkawasi: Though Isla Inkawasi is not the only island on the Salar, however she lies where to herself the main routes on the Salar cruise and, besides, still about a restaurant disposes, it is the approach point for all tourist jeeps. The island itself is covered with many old cacti (should be 1200 years old to). Because the whole scenery lay here once under the sea covertly, there are on the island still many corals what looks a little bit droll up here on the Altiplano of course. We fill in our stores of water with the restaurant again and then disappear on the quieter south side of the islands around a few photo admissions to make. Here, actually, we also want to whip our tent, because we can enjoy thus sundown as well as from sunrise, however, suddenly a storm-like west wind starts, so that we must proceed in the windbreak of the island and can make to no nice sundown photos.
Paddking: Once in the life on a salt lake paddle I imagined and make our Packrafts ready to be launched. Nevertheless, unfortunately, I do not come anyhow so properly from the spot. This is a nice lake if one can not even paddle on him.:-)))
Marathon group: After we spend in the lee of the island and when we the next morning with sunrise from the tent have an eye we do not look badly when all at once a whole group of joggers goes past!!! The group exists of 21 predominantly American marathon runners who take a "run vacation" here in South America. At the latest every 2nd day is run, and is denied every now and then also a marathon (one is in a few days in the brine Titicaca).Für today are attached on the Salar 21 km, before it further goes to Potosi. Most runners are not acclimatised yet completely so optimally, finally, we are on 3650 m, and thus they allow to concern it relatively quietly. In the group is also a German marathon runner who has denied a marathon on the North Pole in spite of his old age (nearly 70) only few weeks ago.

Salar Uyuni to push: According to our map it looks thus as if it was to be driven substantially shorter by Isla Inkawasi to north-east directly to Tacarani than about the Salinas Garcia in the north. Without further ado we resolve to try our luck. First everything still runs rather well and thus we come to the east of the volcano Tunapa to a nice small place before a gigantic herd Llamas puts out to pasture and with on a small lagoon bulky flamingos are to be admired. I ask a Llamahirtin which direction we should smash best of all around about the Salar to Tacarani to come, however, unfortunately, woman has no notion whether and what for places are on the other side of the Salar. Thus we drive off roughly after feeling, because our compass has a gigantic air bubble and is also not particularly helpful. Because none of the lanes in the direction aimed by us leads we simply cycle "quersalzein". The salt is nicely firm and crunches as really coldly frozen snow. Nevertheless, after a while the salt becomes more humid, we sink even something, and everywhere from the tyres it splashes there. We change our direction a little bit southwards and come so luckily again to more firm regions. Nevertheless, after some kilometres the surface of the Salar changes once more and instead of the nice smooth roadway with the hexagonal fields now it is very rough and hubbelig. Our speed decreases from comfortable 18 km/h on strenuous 10 km/h. After a while the salt becomes more humid and softer again, and we become even slower. At last it goes off in such a way that we must descend and push. Suddenly the salt changes suddenly and we deal it with soft quite fine loose mud. Our heavy bicycles deeply sink and thus we struggle laboriously pushing forward. All together we push our wheels 7 km, before we reach firm reason shortly before sundown again. To our joy we can see a few kilometres farther a small village. Tacarani, as we hope. We cycle and push on sandy runways in de small place where we shortly after sundown come. As we are found out now we though not in Tacarani landed, but in a little village with 3 families about 10 km farther to the north, however because we anyhow want further to the north only suits us. Nevertheless, at last from 50 km easy according to map of stage (abbreviation) quite strenuous 80 km of day has become.




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