Iguazu Falls

Translated by PROMT-Online-Translator

Country: Brazil, Argentina Location: Iguazu
Rating: The biggest waterfals on the planet.
Cataratas Iguazú (Argentina).: The Iguazú waterfalls lie on the border between Brazil and Argentina and on both sides there are national parks from which one can visit them. Rio Iguazú arises in Brazil and is fed all together by 30 rivers, before he comes here. On a width of 2,470 km overthrow here 1750 m ³ per second water in 275 waterfalls in the depth (more in the rainy season). The whole spectacle is so impressive that Eleonor Roosevelt "poor Niagara" has meant when she has visited the Cataratas Iguazú.
Circuito Superior (Argentina): In the park there are two footpaths directly to the waterfalls. We explore only the upper way which leads almost into the waterfall along to the waterfalls Bosetti, Bernabe, Mandez and Mbiguà which are all still hidden half in the morning mist.
Circuito Inferiorly (Argentina).: From the lower footpath one can marvel at in particular at the Bosetti waterfall from very close and absolutely a little bit humid experience can become.
San of Martin Falls (Argentina).: With a small ferry one can translate on Isla San Martin to reach a vantage point with a marvellous look at the San of Martin Falls there after few metres. We are so close in the waterfall that we get every now and then a well-arranged load of water according to wind direction.
Park inhabitant (Argentina).: We find these trusting, or penetratingly to begging, park inhabitant in particular on all picnic places where they beg absolutely coolly the visitors or rummage through the garbage cans for food leftovers. However, it can already seem once that they to an unadvised visitor who can be taken a photo with them fast sometimes in the pocket climb around after a few delicacies to look.
Garganta del Diabolo I (Argentina).: The devil's throat or the devil's gulch (according to translation) is the most impressive waterfall in Iguazú. One can reach the gigantic waterfall about a 1-km-long footbridge in the middle about the river goes, to make, finally, so near at the fact is that one is own word hardly more understands.
Garganta del Diabolo II (Argentina).: The blustering water masses make an unbelievable noise during them in the depth are thundering. Then below they whirl up so much water that that the lower third of the waterfall disappears in a thick smoke cloud.
Private national park (Brazil). : The next day then it goes on the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. And right at the outset the big shock: Although in 1986 from UNESCO to the World Heritage site has explained to Brazil the national park (or the rights of use) to a private company sells. Everywhere it is swarming with employees everybody into perfect American English speak (an American company has presumably bought the park). Though we may go by our bicycles in the park, nevertheless, nevertheless, we have to do nose over again 2, - € pay for the shuttle coach, because it could be, that we want to use him, nevertheless! During in a national park ordinarily the protection and the preservation of the nature for future generations at all first place stand a "private park" is aimed of course quite clearly according to economic interests. No miracle that one Rope here from Rafting climbing, high rope garden, boat tour, Zodiak tour under the waterfalls, bicycle tour, Jungle tour and jeep safari up to the helicopter round flight everything can book what the heart popularly (the boat tours, nevertheless, there was also on the Argentine side). If Eleonora Roosevelt became today again visit now she would presumably come to say "poor Iguazú" to express with it her sympathy with the marvellous waterfalls of which a part of her natural beauty and dignity was robbed by the whole commerce. Then, nevertheless, a nice park employee is so charming and leaves us by our bicycles behind the roadblock and takes one more photo of us. In the background one sees the waterfalls on the Argentine side which we have visited yesterday.
Floriano Falls (Brasil): Then about a 1.2-km-long concreted footpath it goes, past several Service center up to the Floriano falls. In the Servicecentern the adventure vacationer can allow to burn his digital pictures directly on CD, or even allow to print out. Moreover, there are richly soft drinks and ice, so that nobody must break off the strenuous wandering because of exhaustion prematurely. Nevertheless, we succeed successfully along all temptations and without suffering a weakness attack reaching up to the Floriano to cases.
In the middle in it instead of, only besides (Brasil): A footbridge virtually leads in the middle right into the Garganta del Diabolo. One stands in the middle of the river, and on all sides falls of the Iguazú in the depth. On the left in the picture middle one sees the footbridge and the view platform.
Garganta del Diabolo III (Brasil): Here from the view platform in the middle of the river we are so close to the waterfalls that I is to be wiped constantly, besides, the hose water by the camera and in particular by the lens. We have come, by the way, unfortunately exactly at the time here in which in Argentina as well as in Brazil winter holidays are. By many tourists (to whom we count of course also) here rules an unbelievable bustle. Everybody wants to pose before the waterfalls, it is shouted, pushed and pushed. Because the tourists are on the move, however, mostly in gigantic travel groups, or come because of the shuttle service as whole coach loads, we have occasionally once again some rest.
Rainbow (Brasil): Thanks to thick nebulous clouds the sun can create here everywhere absolutely magnificent rainbows.



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