Vulcano Pacaya (Guatemala)

Translated by PROMT-Online-Translator

Country: Guatemala Location: Tour from Antigua
Rating: Climbing an active volcano
Volcano ascent: After more than five weeks now, it was farewell to San Pedro de la Laguna, the small Maya town on Lake Atitlan. On our way back to Guatemala City, we have an intermediate stop in Antigua. One of the main attractions in Antigua is the ascent of the active Pacaya volcano. Without our bikes, we were on one of the many tour players for us with only 20 other tourists in a caravan to the entrance of the National Park brought. From the park entrance footpath led us a good 1.5 hours to climb to the top of a large lava field.
Lava: Lava here directly from the ground and flows slowly paves its way downhill is incredibly hot. Just as some American tourists we also make some Maschmellows above the glowing rock. Even from a few metres away are the Maschmellows in seconds roasted, and do so just long enough how to get so close to the embers stop.
Even more lava: The closer the sunset comes the more the lava starts to shine and to begin just as interesting to be our guide says that we must now return! An hour before by the travel agent assured return date! I think the guide because of the opposition to return early date, and in response I get aggressive: "If you are not back to the bus are you need a ride home ownership opportunity organize and extra pay!




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