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Country: New Zealand Location: Masterton (North Island)
Rating: If there are somewhere fairy tale forests, then they are here.
To come to the Cone Ridge one has to pack a backpack and camping equipment. Info to the at least 2-day trekking tour with the Department of Conservation (DOC) in Masterton.
High-level moor: The only water supply on the summit plateau of the Cone are a few wonderful water pools.
Fairy tale forest: The Tararuas are extremelywindy wind mountains with a lot of rain. Accordingly the trees grow only to a certain hight (maybe 3-4m). On top they are cut like with scissors by the strong winds. By the frequent rain these woods form a paradise for mosses and lichens, the trunks close covered. Our footpath on the Cone ridge has led us several hours by these wonderful woods. The woods were so fantastically that they have looked already almost kitschy, and a we would not have been the slightest surprised if a small fairy or an elf would suddenly appear behind a bush.



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