Mt. Rinjani: 2005

Translated by PROMT-Online-Translator

Country: Indonesia (Lombok) Tour / Mountain: Mt. Rinjani
Start: Lombok End:  
Distance:   Time: 3 days
Supply: selfsufficient    

Only little water and cold nights on the crater rim, long ascent

Rating: Nice but hard trip
Mt. Rinjani trekking tour (Lombok): One of the highlights of Lombok is a trekking tour in the Mt. Rinjani nationalpark. The volcanoe Mt. Rinjani, with its 3700m is the second highest mountain in Indonesia, and is best expolred on a 3 days 2 nights trekking tour. While most of the tourist climb the mountain on a arranged tour, we did it on our own. On the first day, we climbed to the first rim at 2645m. Iīve already been quite often in the mountains, but I never had an ascent of 2200m in one day, and so I was quite surprised, how easy it was. The last water source was a small puddle (during the rain season a small creek) on 2000m, so we had to carry our water to the rim. During sunset, the view of Mt. Rinjani, and the crater lake was amazing. After sunset we tried to warm up with some other tourists around a small fire, before we went into our sleepingbags. On the second day, we descended to the lake and planned to stay there for the second night. But there was so much rubbish around the lake, that we took just a small bath in a thermal spring, before we returned back to the rim. Our second night was pretty cold; it was freezing!!! Already during the descend to the crater lake, Nadines knee started to ache, so we didnīt climb Mt. Rinjani and went back into the valley on the third day.
Cooking adventures: We had not enough space in our rucksacks to take our stove with us, and so we had to cook on a fire. Even if its more romantic to cook on a real fire, we didnīt fell in love with it. Our fire was smoking quite a lot because we had just some small wet peaces of wood and we and our clothes smelled very smoky afterward. Although we just made a noodlesoup our pot was completly black and it took Nadine neraly 30 minutes to clean it.
Hot Springs (Mt. Rinjani):  The area around the original hot springs is used from some locals for living and so it looked like a big dump. Thatīs why all the guides tell their tourists, that the water is much too hot there and the best spot is further down the hot river. But some other guests thought, that the tourist pool is a toilet and so it was a real unforgettable experience, to bath in the pool with some decent smell of excrements in the air.
Porters: All the tourist tours a acompanied by a tourguide and a porter. While the tour guide is carrying the resposibility, the porter has to carry the tent, kitchen gear, the food and of curse all the water (tourist donīt drink water from a puddle). Quite a lot of stuff for 4 persons (2 tourists + guide + porter). For us it was always amazing to see what the porters were carrying to the top of the mountain: several pinnapples, a whole bundle of bananas, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chips, cookies, chicken wings or even living chicken (on the left side of the porter). But instead of carrying everything in a rucksack, they arraged everything to bundles and fixed it to a bamboo stick (the normal way of transporting things in Souteast Asia). How the porters managed to carry everything over the steep paths with even some climbing sections is still a miracle for us. The best of all is, that they managed to carry their heavy load (much more than 40 Kg) in an altitude of 2500m while wearing flip-flops instead of propper shoes!!!



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