We set out to see all the wonders of the world, but if we look back, it´s all about the people!

Kanada (Vancouver): Seppel und Kerstin aus der hessischen Heimat und jetzt hier lebend.    
Kanada (Vancouver): Edwin Cathie und Anna. Edwind hat Cathie bei seiner Radweltreise in Kathmandu kennengelernt. Kanada (Vancouver): Scott, ebenfalls Radweltreisender und Freund von Edwin.
Kanada (Sunshine Coast): Oswald und Jolanda die uns umsorgt haben. Kanada (Vicictoria Isaland): Busfahrer bei dem wir im Wohnwagen übernachten durften.
Kanada (Victoria Island): Chris und Tanja die wir in Neuseeland beim Apfelpflücken kennengelern haben. Kanada (Victoria Island): Maurie, Heidi, Jake, Abby und Kate die uns in ein Hotel eingeladen haben.
USA (Washington State): Charlie der uns auf seiner Motorjacht durch die San Juan Inseln geschippert hat. USA (Washington State): Kai und Terry auf deren Boot wir zum Abendessen eingeladen waren.
USA (Washington State): Arron und Padme, unsere Warm Shower Gastgeber in Seattle. USA (Washington State): Mirja und Steve unsere Gastgeber in Port Angeles mit der traumhaften Aussicht von ihrem Haus übers Meer.
USA (Washington State): Hollie und ihr Ehemann unsere Warm Shower Gastgeber in Ellensburg. USA (Washington State): John und Stacie die gerade nach Argentinien radeln und kurz auf Heimaturlaub in Othello waren
USA (Montana): Laurie und Ed, die uns herzlich bei sich in Missoula aufgenommen haben. USA (Idaho): Robbie unsere Gastgeberin in Orofino
USA (Montana): Sandy unsere Gastgeberin in der wilden Minenstadt USA (Montana): Julie hat uns zu Adventure Cycling eingeladen
USA (Montana): Bill und Colette in Gardiner USA (Montana): Maria und ihre beiden Töchter die uns im Haus ihrer Schwiegereltern in Livingston einquatiert haben.
USA (Utah): Will, Franziska und ihre 6 Kinder die uns vor einem Schneesturm gerettet haben USA (Montana): Christie und Tyson, die beiden parkranger aus dem Yelloowstone NP
USA (Utah): Frank und Vicky die sich rührend um uns in Salt Lake City gekümmert haben. USA (Utah):Garry der Radmechaniker in Salt Lake City, der mir beim einspeichen von Nadines Felge geholfen hat.
USA (Sandy): Mike and Tina our hosts in Sandy. They gave us a lift at the Hole in the Rock Road 2 weeks earlier. USA (Nephi): Hostfamily close to Nephi.
USA (Tropic): Paisley our host close to Bryce Canyon NP. USA (Zion NP): Some fellow cyclists
USA (Moab): Phil and Hannah who saved us from a Blizzard. USA (Moab): John und Barb, the Warm Showers who treated us with their lovely food
USA (Hoover Dam): The first to obtain our new booklet. two Policemen! USA (Arizona): Carl where we could warm up after freezing -14 °C (7 °F)
USA (Death Valley): Ted and his dog. We pitched our tent next to his truck on his campsite! USA (Death Valley): Dutch and American neighbours.
USA (California): Thomas from Rohloff USA, who servived our hub after 75000 Km USA (California): Neil from Rohloff USA, who servived our hub after 75000 Km
USA (California):We spent Christmas 2008 at his Richards house USA (California): Ray took us in his sailboat out to the Bay of Dan Francisco
USA (California): Rajeev and Gargi are originally friends of our friend Jatinder in Adelaide but now also our friends :-) USA (California):Stan is a photograper and musician which whom we stayed in Santa Cruz
USA (California): We met Sarah in Chile and then visited her in San Luis Obispo and San Jose USA (California): Mr. and Mrs. Coniglio, Sarahs parents
USA (California): Dana and Michelle have invited us and Dana also welded Nadines broken rack USA (California): Steve und Jimmy. We camped in their garden
USA (California): Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, our hosts in Los Angeles. Unfortunately we have no photo of Mrs. Goodman USA (California): Jon introduced Martin into surfing
USA (California): Jerry und Barbara our hosts in San Diego USA (California): Dennis und Diane our hosts in Los Angeles
Mexico: Athuro the owner of a musicstore who hosted us Mexico: Ufo our homesupport during his second visit
Mexico: Eduardo and Margarita who tok care of us in Mexico City and Valle de Bravo Mexico: Eduardo, Karen, Alexa und Ian, our hosts in querretaro
Guatemala: Ina from Germany Guatemala: Tim a pahotographer from London whom we met already in Egypt, Jordan and siria in 2004
Bolivia: We have been the forst guests ever of Sonja, Ludgardo and their kids Bolivia:French family on bikes
Brasil: Matheus who showed us around Igrejinha Brasil: Clovis and Ronette we we stayed for the night and then had a great Churascu
Brasil: Marlon, a worldclass kajaker who took us out or rafting Brasil: Chiago, the son of Clovis und Ronette. he loves adventure racing
Brasil: Eguidio who hosted us with his wife Brasil: Gervasioand his wife Lori really took care of us

Brasil: We camped in Germans garden

Uruguay: On a Estancia Paraguay: Kids who brought us some food while we were camping at a petrol station
Argentina: Luis a cycle tourist Argentina: journalist in the Pampa
Patagonia: Heinz Stückewho is cycling around the world since 1962! Patagonia: Birte, a friend from Germany
Patagonia: Ernesto who took my broken bike fromLago Desierto to El Calafate Patagonia: Aldo and Laura 2 Italians wo gave me their old bike to use it until mine was repaired

Chile: Don Roberto, in Parrquw Pumalin

Chile: We slept at Don Juans and Don Robertos place in Parque Pumalin

Chile: Our host at Alto Lircay NP

Chile: Jorge gave us a Coke in the middle of the dessert

New Zealand: Simon and Flint from the cane rental station

New Zealand: Dave our host
New Zealand: John and Ann nearly our second parents    
Australia: Jatinder, Angela, Salomon and Phoenix. Our hosts in Adelaide. Australia: Garry, who drove me down 210 Km from alice Springs to Nadine after I had to buy some spare tires!
Thailand: Joris a cyclist from Belgium Thailand: Steffi on her 2nd visit
Thailand: Michi a friend from home on his visit. He painted our logo.

Bangkok / Thailand: Susi and Daniel, two cyclist on their way around the world


Laos: Sven and Simona from Switzerland who paddled with us on the Nam Ou River in Laos    
India: John and Anne. Cyclists from New Zealand India: Cyclist from Austria on Kunzum La (4532m)
India: Nico and Margret, an austrian and american couple on a motorbike. I joined them for a while.

India: Ingo und Peter, zwei schweitzer Radler auf dem Weg nach Leh

India: Don a cyclist from the USA India: Franz fromTirol
Pakistan: Aeyesha,who showed us around Lahore for nearly a week. Pakistan: Aeyeshas Mum
Pakistan: Aeyeshas Cousin  Pakistan: Students in Islamabad
Pakistan: His family hosted us but martin was not allowed to see the female members of the family Pakistan:invited us for lunch
Pakistan: Chief of the Police. invited us for lunch and then to see his police station    
Iran: This lovely family hosted us in Teheran. Extraordinary friendly people!!!! Iran: Yasserour host at the Caspian sea. Loves to invite cyclists
Iran: Ali and his family Iran: the apprentice in the bike store who took us out for lunch
Iran: Mohammed, the mecanic of the iranian cycling team who checked our bikes Iran: racing cyclist
Turkey: Tekin who took care uf us like our mums in the train from Ankara to Tatvan. Turkey: Ahmet the truckdriver who gave us a lift for 1000Km
Syria: 2 Truckdrivers who stopped in the middle of the dessert to make some tea for us Syria: Family in Kneifis who invited us for tea and then came with a lovely lunch
Syria: Family in Syria Syria: Family in Syria where the women live in different rooms than the men

Egypt: Peter from England touring through Africa with his Landrover


Egypt: Bruno and freind cycletouring through Africa
Egypt: Nadines Mum during her visit in Luxor Egypt: Steffi on her visit in Luxor
Egypt: Salah, our host in Maadi (Kairo). Egypt: Anita and Felix, a couple from switzerland on a tandem from Europe to South Africa: http://www.felixanita.ch/

Egypt: Ufo, our homesupport during his visit in Cairo http://www.weltklassetypen.de/

Egypt: Mads, a daenish cyclist who joined us in the Nile valley

Egypt: Tim, a photographer from London whom we met in cairo, Jordan and Sysia!

Egypt:Truckdrver who gave us a lift
Siria: Waiter and chef who allowed us to sleep in the kitchen of a restaurant

Siria: Host in a nomads tent


Siria: Shin cyclist from japan

Turkey: Ramazan: who made us sleep in a hotel in Antakia
Turkey: Asli whom we met in Ukraine and Ankara. Turkey: He had a juicebar on the beach in Side
Turkey: Renate and Dieter:our hosts in Belek bei Antalya Turkey: Sandra: our first visitor from home.

Turkey: Giuseppe:runs a lovely Pizza restaurant in Side

Turkey: Allowed us to dry our sleepingbag in the restaurant wiile it was freezing cold outside
Turkey: Let us allow to camp next to the petrol station although his biss didn´t like it Turkey: Another freindly fellow at another petrol station

Turkey: Truck driver who gave us a lift

Turkey: Students who picked us up from the street.
Turkey: Owners of a small restaurent who geve us some love food although we only had ordered tee  Turkey: Ertürk: our host in Samsun

Turkey: Kayhan: ur host in Giresun

Turkey: Internet in Turkey


Georgia: Host

Georgia: Inviation for a cup of tea in Potosi
Russia: Igor (Sotschı): who helped us to cross into Georgia Russia:He helped to repair Nadines bike
Russia:Anna and Sascha: Martin knows Anna since he has been in russia in 1997 during his time at University. Ukraine: Sascha and Ashly (Mikolaiv / Ukrane): Hosts
Ukraine: Igor (Odessa): helped us to update our website

Ukraine: Michael and Tatjana who invited us and made some lovely food.


Romania: Cyclists from Polonia

Romania: Liviu (Constancia): We updated our website in his house
Bulgaria: Elke and Dieter (Germany): einfach so

Bulgaria: Hiltrud and Hubertus (Germany): They took our canoe back to Limburg.

Bulgaria: Nicki: who transported our bikes from Serbia to Bulgaria Bulgaria: Rolli (Germany):  Helped us to recieve a parcel
Bulgaria: Max (Germany): Organizing the germans on the TID. He brought us a parcel

Bulgaria: Jannis orgsanizing the TID this year. extraordinary helpful!!!!

Bulgaria: Martin a very helpfull Vet doc from Germany Bulgaria: twoo lovely and helpful Austrians

Bulgaria: Kiki Team from Austria

Bulgaria: Sepp and Schorsch two German Students
Austria: Peter and Gerda (Linz,A). Our first hosts   http://www.honeymoonbybike.at/  Austria: Gerhard uand Nicole two cyclists

Austria: Walter from the Wildmoosalm (Seefeld)

Austria: Stefan from Wolfskin (Seefeld)
Austria: Peter (33) Weyer Germany: Ulli and his wife
Germany:Michi. He painted our logo Germany:Martin
Germany:UFO our homesupport Germany:Alex and Sandra Kirschhofen
Germany:Helmut Germany:Katja and Daniel
Germany:Peter Grün and Mareike Germany:Gerlinde and Uwe Fischer 




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