HONDURAS: 23.07. - 25.07.2008

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Itinerary: Copán

Cycled kilometers: 22 km

Foreword: We were just 48 hours in Honduras, but the short trip to the Maya ruins of Copán visit was worth the trouble. Actually we had planned another
Diving course on the Bay Islands of Honduras to make, but as Nadine virtually all their money had borrowed her sister, after 10 years from the U.S. back to Germany, we now build a new life must fund their trip was almost empty. So we had to dive course is removed (by me they wanted the money does not accept), but the Maya ruins, we have nevertheless.
Trip to Honduras (Honduras): The famous Maya ruins of Copán, because of their beautiful stone work called "Athens of the new world" are just a few kilometres across the border in Honduras and so we make a detour to the small neighbouring country. A total of 200 km and orderly many additional meters of altitude in humid tropical climate, we act while we can, but the ruins have given us very much.
Copán Ruinas (Honduras): 426 AD. left Yax K'uk 'Mo' Kingdom, went to Copán, then replaced the ruler and built a new palace. Important for the success of Yax K'uk 'Mo' was certainly that just this year a Baktum, an important 400 years period in the Maya calendar (such as for us the millennium), was finished and that a new era began. In the following years, nearly 400 Copán of 16 kings with beautiful names as "18 Rabbit," "Smoke monkey" or "Moon Jaguar" government. The last king, Yak Pasah, incidentally, the first not from the bloodline of the founder came, saw to 4x4 kings in 400 years ahead of the end of Copán, devoted his time to completing all of his predecessors commenced construction projects and had made the altar Q. With his death in 820 AD. and thus an almost vollendetem 400 years cycle was also the end of Copán sealed. Before the city that its heyday had 25,000 inhabitants, then leave forever was a stele was built in the Yak Pasah, the last royal rulers gives his staff to a "king will never prevail on an altar was never completed,". 1576 Copán was first discovered by the Spaniards.
Altar Q (Honduras): On the altar Q are all 16 rulers displayed in chronological order. The first sees Yax K'uk 'Mo' the rulers staff to his successor, transfers and thus the dynasty founded. As the last ruler then Yak Pasah itself, which concludes the dynasty. On top of the altar is the history of Copán presented
Hieroglyphic staircase (Honduras): On the 72 stages of the huge staircase, a total of 2500 to find hieroglyphs. Thus, the staircase the longest hieroglyphic inscription to you today in the Maya world has found. 753 AD. the stairway of the Maya rulers "smoke shell" commissioned by the glorious past of the city to be documented, although Copán already on the descending branch. Since the staircase collapsed and archaeologists, as they discovered more or less only cairns vorfanden, one could, unfortunately, until now only the bottom 15 steps to fully restore
Ball game (Honduras): In a very beautiful little museum in Copán can be seen in a short video film of the Mayan ball game. In principle apply in about the rules of soccer tennis. Played 4, the KG (!) Serious ball but only with the hip. To not right the first ball contact hip to break the players wear a thick padded leather belt. Played the game on the ball on the photograph depicted ball playground.
Stelas (Honduras): The stelas in Copán, about 3m high with stone boulders decorated work, the most beautiful and best preserved Mayan stelas throughout the world. The stelas are something like the history of the Mayans, because they have the steles both the Maya king and portrays his life, works and deeds and other important events with hieroglyphics documented. On the hieroglyphics decorated with 52 A stele (731 AD.) One finds, among other things hieroglyphics from Palenque, Tikal and Calakmul, the importance of Copán stresses.
Water shortages (Honduras): Because of the strong rains of recent days and the so-triggered landslides, the water pipe to Copán Ruinas de capped. Even as we arrived we were of a hostel on the grounds that there is no water, refused. But we find a nice hostel is still in its water tank and can even shower! The next day it rains in the afternoon as currents and so appear everywhere at once bucket to hear the precious moisture to collect. We believe the water from our hostel as a drinking water on the way and so we also pans out and collect a few litres of rain water. Rege water is sterilized guaranteed! (The bucket is the bottom right)



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