Slowakia: 12.07. - 13.07.20003

Route: Bratislava

Distanz: 37 Km

Preface: Our first country after the European Union. Slovakia was a part of former Tschechoslovakia, but since a coulpe of years, they are independent. Not the best decision for Slovakia, because the whole industrie was around Praha, whis is now a part of Tschechia. Nevertheless, Slovakia is struggeling hard and is supposed to become a member of the European Union in a couple of years.
Cycling into Bratislava: Together with Nicole and Gerhardt, two cycists from Austria, we cycled to Bratislava. Now we finally had to say "good bye" to the European Union. We're looking forward to see the wild east, but fortuately it was not so wild. We just arrived in the city center, when Nicole and Gerhardt decided, that they would like to cycle some more kilometers and so they went straight to Hungary, while we did some shopping. While the old city is well prepared for tourists and very clean, the main shopping mall needs quite some maintainance. But despite this nearly everything from a top cycle shops to MC Donalds is available.
Bratislava for tourists ...
Bratislava for locals ...
Campground: We spent our first night in Easten Eurpe on a semi wild campground just outside of Bratislava at a sidearm of the river Danube, togehter with many Slowakians. The campground was quite beautiful, but there was rubbish everywhere and so it was quite smelly. 




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