BRAZIL: 01.07. - 29.07.2007

Route: Jaguarao, Gio grandee, Osorio. Igrejinha, Montenegro, Frederico Westphalen, San Miguel do Oeste, Bernando de Irigoyen (Argentina), Puerto Iguaz˙ (Argentina), Foz Iguaz˙ (Brazil)

Distance: 1523 km of    Ascent: 11596 m

Preface: "Brazil, a country of all." Although we were merely scanty four weeks in Brazil and merely the extreme south have visited this gigantic country has become dear to us very much. Especially conspicuously we thought that the Brazilians are quite especially friendly and happy human blow. Seldom on our trip we have experienced so much cheerfulness and, actually, we have constantly somewhere somebody laugh seen. We were surprised that we have met in the southern provinces Rio grandee do Sul and Santa Catarina a lot of Italian-born and ethnic German Brazilians who have looked after us particularly warmly. Nevertheless, the thing has a small hook: Brazil is extremely hilly in the south and thus it went constantly uphill and downhill. To the fact comes that there rains here like now during the winter months relatively a lot and is now and again night frost, so that cycling can be absolutely strenuous. Here thanks to asphalted side stripes on the federal highways cycling is sure surely. However, it does not blow whom once gives. Then topmost care is offered, because in principle becomes here like mad is raced. There are every few kilometres here big filling stations which are a cyclist, thanks to toilets, showering, hot water donator, roofed overnight stay places..., an absolute paradise for us. Beside our visit in the German colony Igrejinha the visit of the Iguaz˙ was waterfalls absolutely an absolute highlight. We have also had a look at the Argentine side of the waterfalls and the suitable reports with (Argentina). marked.


214. Weekly report 01.07. - 08/07/2007

Route: Jaguarao, Rio grandee, Osorio

Moon landscape: We have discovered these wonderful moon landscape shortly before Pelotas. Unfortunately, we could unearth to her origin, nevertheless, no information.
Camping with Germano: At sundown we find ourselves all at once shortly before the gates of Rio grandee, because we could discover no tent possibility on the last kilometers. Suddenly we discover a house this looks like a bigger servicing small house of the stream works. Because house is not fenced around and is surrounded with a meadow and thus we ask the neighbours whether we might camp here. They mean this if she did not know and thus we start just to a small investigation tour as Germano from the house comes. We ask Germano whether we might camp here, and to our joy he has nothing against it. In addition to the camp site we again get a battery-operated neolamp and may use, moreover, Germanos shower. Nevertheless, short time later Germano opens, because he every night than moto bell-boy, this the boys are they the motorcycle taxis go, works. The next morning, we are to be got up just, besides, he comes back of his night shift again. Nadine already had with the neighbour who copies all trade names standing on our equipment meticulously and paints even the logo on my bicycle, a cup Mate drunk. While we our seven things pack to breakfasts we with Germano in the standing position, before we come along on the way to Rio grandee. Germano, from his night shift yet fully occupied, does not accompany us on his bicycle. Together with him we visit the very nice Ocean the museum in which there are also three penguins without moving standing in the corner and a sea lion constantly swimming in the circle beside many preparations. As the next the visit of a bank stands on the programme, nevertheless, we still have no Brazilian money. Unfortunately not all machines give money on foreign maps, nevertheless, here, however, then, nevertheless, at the second bank we are successful with the help of a cashier. In Brazil many banking transactions seem to run only through the cash machines, however because apparently nobody dashes so properly got everywhere female cashiers around who make then everything to the customers. Finally, after a common supermarket visit and a short excursion in the Internet cafe Germano brings us to the ferry to us to Sao Jose do Norte should bring. Where from Germano the staying power still gets us in after his long working night the town to accompany is mysterious to us, however, the kind with he itself around us concerns is really moving. Merely with the notification we have every now and then problems, because Germano only Portuguese speaks. The Portuguese here in Brazil is spoken is related to the Spanish extensively and thus we can come to an agreement anyhow. We once afterwards we look backbecome Spanish with somebody to speak, nevertheless, we would also not have thought.
Boat crossing: Together with several trucks, cars and horse carts we place with a ferry which is pulled by a harbour tractor from Rio grandee to Sao Jose do Norte. For the crossing the horses from the carriages we disconnected and the carriages are pulled by hand on the ferry. As the boat otherwise quite fully is the horses come, finally, also aboard where they stand then all over between the cars.
Strada do inferno: The street to the north of Sao Jose do Norte is called Strada do inferno, and we do not take seriously the warning of Germano about the bad street relations of course so properly. The first 30 km are still nicely asphalted, however, then we find ourselves all at once in a building site. The whole street exists of soft, wet sand and we sink with our hardly loaded wheels so deeply that we must push. 35 km the sandy area should be long and thus we struggle sometimes pushing, sometimes a little bit moving laboriously forward. For the next day rain is announced, and thus we have no other choice: we have to go here even today out, here nothing more goes for those with rain. Shortly after the lunchbreak then the already desired rescue. A truck stops and asks us whether he can take us. Thankfully we heave our wheels on the loading area, however, our luck is only from short duration, because 4.5 km later are our truck driver in her aim and we unload again. Nevertheless, we are very grateful to them!
10 tyres well, 2 tyres better: Such a truck ordinarily digs even by the thickest mud, however, here on the Strada do inferno some mud holes are so deep that even the trucks have checking. All together we hit on the 35-km-long stage on 2 rigid trucks and a rigid coach. Already a few times we have with push during the last hour laxly to us passing trucks envied, however, here with the gigantic mud holes we are cyclists clearly in the advantage. While the truck anyhow by the mud hole through must push we our wheels simply by a small ditch and handle the perfidious place simply on a meadow.
2 tyres well, 4 legs even better: Though we make progress with our wheels constantly anyhow, however, our tempo resembles that of a mediocre racing snail. Laboriously we fight on to us metre around metre, while a small guy in the pre-school age in the flying gallop several times to ourselves riding past us. Instead of a saddle a sheepskin on has of the jung guy he sits, however, ride he already acts like a pro to me to decades of riding experience. The horses are apparently only to those this sandy morass makes no difference.
Rider: According to guide Brazil "The sexiest nation on earth" should be where everything turns only on the "well appearance" and on the "salsa". However, here in the south one does not notice of it yet a lot. The Brazilians here in Rio grandee do Sul have in common more with the Argentines and the Uruguayos than with her compatriots living in the north. Also here Gauchos and the Mate belong to the everyday picture and the beaches of the north with the volleyball players pressed in narrow bikinis are a long way off here. Very far away!
Rolling supermarket: Here on the Strada do inferno the supermarkets are rare and are inaccessibly wide because of the bad street terms the next places often. To be able to supply the people living here, nevertheless, with the most necessary there are to supermarkets developed coaches. We have seen the first supermarket coach as this just in the mud was stuck and for the second tractor waited. because him only could not pull out. A little later a coach stops, a woman and her daughter get, however, the coach does not go on. OK, then this must probably be also a supermarket coach! Although we, actually, still enough to food have we also stop immediately, because where one can already make purchases in a coach. To companies becomes the rolling supermarket of two young men. While the coach driver makes at the same time the cash with the help of pad and pocket calculator, his colleague carries the heavy flour bags up to the pasture fence for the women.
What desires the heart: Here in the rolling supermarket there is nearly everything what the heart commits and thus we discover: Fruit and vegetables, flour in hundredweight bags, candies in the piece sales, all basic food, pots and frying pans, richly biscuits, instep belts for the bicycle, and even a small dog puppy!!!!
Cycle in the rain: We had brought the Strada do inferno well behind ourselves and were the more violent again on sure asphalt when the announced rain with one day of delay, comes for it, nevertheless. The whole day we cycle flowing out rains, however, there it is relatively warmly we cycle constantly further, until we, finally, 119 km on the speedometer stand have. Of course everything is fenced in once again everywhere and thus we ask on an Estancia whether we may whip there our night's lodging. When we also on 2. Estancia again in the flowing out rain are sent, nevertheless, the desire has passed to us after other question and thus we build up shortly before Osorio our tent on a small meadow stripe beside the street. Nevertheless, the rain lasts a little longer and thus so here we stick during a total of 3 days. Nevertheless, boringly does not become to us, because it rains so strongly that everything is underwater. Twice we have the water already in the pretent drainage canals stand, nevertheless show no success. Thus we move twice with our tent to be washed away not sometime.
215. Weekly report 09.07. - 15/07/2007
Route: Osorio, Tacuara, Igrejinha
"Everything blue": To the north of Tacuara everything is settled relatively close and thus we ask in a filling station whether we may camp here. The name of the filling station is blue "Everything"; so much to alcohol at the wheel. We ask a gas station attendant whether we may spend the night here, and he asks his patron. After a while comes the very nice filling station owner who is, by the way, of German descent and believes that we may spend the night here with pleasure. We would get the key for the showers in the cash. When we just are to be built up, besides, our tent on the meadow the filling station owner comes once again and means a little further behind under the trees we would be protected certainly better against the strong morning rope usual here. We have built up just our tent under the trees, as Mateus comes and means he would have been called just by his brother-in-law who has reported to him about us. Here of course we could on no account spend the night. He would have Freud him in German would speak and with him he would accommodate us. Moreover, he would introduce us with pleasure to his friends, the Adventure runnings would make. We are likeable to ourselves right away mutually and thus we pack our tent again and leave the Posto "Everything blue""
Mateus and family: Plans are for it there to be changed and thus we spend the night with Mateus and his parents. Mateus's father is a retired truck driver and his mother cook at school. The family is of Italian descent and thus these are no miracles that here absolutely playful, happy and hearty mood rules. We are taken up as if we were a part of the family. With the notification it goes multi-coloredly in a mess. While we with Mateus speak in English there talk we with his parents in Spanish who appeal to us, however, on in Portuguese. Later still come Maico, the older brother of Mateus with whom we speak in Spanish and Gervasio, a friend with whom we come to an agreement in German. The forefathers of Gervasio come again from the HundsrŘck (well where lies then now?!) and thus speaks he a little bit ancient dialect. We have assembled everybody in the kitchen nicely heated by a wooden kitchen stove and drink Shimaron (this is the Brazilian version of Mate. In comparison to the Mate tastes of the Shimaron substantially milder and does not hit completely thus on the stomach. Who tastes us, in any case, much better). We tell about our trip and after a short time becomes clear to us: so fast we do not get away here any more! The next morning introduces us Mateus's father whom, actually, constantly in laugh is, still another members of the family, a young green parrot from the Amazon which hops pleasedly by the area.
School visit: Maico is a sports teacher at a school and thus we pay to the pupils and the faculty a visit and tell about our trip. Particularly we are impressed by the profound questions the pupil. Of a pupil asks us even: "Have you suffered on the trip already once hunger?". Most adults are content because ordinarily to ask: "Are you married?, Having her children?, Why have her no children?" ; exactly that what has to report somebody who has cycled 54,000 km by the bicycle around the world. Particularly we are glad about all signatures of the pupils them ourselves for the end hand, whereupon we may sign with all in the school basting. It is interesting that there are three different teaching times here in Brazil. Depending on in which group one falls one has either in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening (till the small hours) lessons. For the teachers absolutely a hard programme. Also here at school we hit on two teachers whose forefathers from the HundsrŘck came and thus we can talk again a little in German.
Shoe factory: In the afternoon we visit together with Mateus and Jacco (friend) the local shoe factory of Piccadilly which is the fourth largest shoe factory in Brazil with 20000 pairs of produced shoes per day. There we are introduced to Marlon, the son of the company owner. Marlon leads us by the shoe factory and to our astonishment we find out that quite a lot of working steps are necessary to one of the ladies' shoes made here is finished. We find out from Marlon that Piccadilly is the first shoe factory in Brazil which has furnished the production line jobs according to ergonomic criteria. With a smelling test we can convince ourselves of the fact that the used pastes are built up on water base and do not damage thus the employees. Nevertheless, unfortunately, we also find out that the Brazilian shoe industry hard has to fight, because at the moment of Brazilian Real is very strong by which the exported shoes become expensive). Though qualitatively the cheap competition from China cannot keep up by far, however, the customers oriented to consumption buy of course rather the cheaper product (even if in his production health in the job plays no role).
We lose the overview: Although we are not yet one day here, Mateus has already put out several appointments with several friends, a radio station, to the Rafting.... We have long time ago the overview lost and slowly Mateus selbigen also seems to lose. Because we are supposed to spend the next night with Gervasio we rather play it safe and take instead of only a few change things rather everything with what we can carry (Isomatte, sleeping-bag, all things, battery chargers and memory maps...). Bepackt with several bags we make presumably a surely neglected impression as us during the following days from place to place move.
Gervasio: We spend our second night in Igerjinha with Gervasio, his wife Lori and his both daughters. Because Gervasio and his woman have German forefathers and her daughter Andrea has lived during two years in Germany where she has also worked on the Expo in 2000 on the Brazilian state, we can come to an agreement really in German. For lack of space we move the dinner officially in the sitting room, however because Lori has cooked such a tasty rice frying pan Gervasio and Martin disappear after a while in the kitchen to sit closer in the spring. And if they have not burst, still today they eat....
HundsrŘck: We knew of course first also not where exactly of the HundsrŘck lies (I supposed somewhere in the Palatinate), however, here with it we are not completely alone. Here most Germans we hit though know that them from the HundsrŘck come and that they speak HundsrŘckisch, however where he exactly lies nobody can say us so properly. Then after a few days we discover in the 3-volume issue of the emigration history of the Germans from the HundsrŘck (a mammoth's work!!) a map and have surprised that he lies, actually, directly around the corner. If one follows from us (castle Lim in the Lahn) because Taunus (mountain range in Hessen) to Wiesbaden and crosses then the Rhine, becomes from Taunus all at once of the HundsrŘck. Known provincial towns of the region are Ida Oberstein and bath Kreuznach. It is witty that the emigrants as have maintained her dialect as he was some 180 years ago. Differently than with us in Germany her language has not developed and in particular for most technical innovations were taken from Portuguese concepts. Thus we bump every now and then into a few amusing words. Here instead of "airplane" one says "airship" and "with everybody blue" one does not believe that everything is got drunk, but "everything is in order". While we here everybody understand more or less well, nevertheless, the Portuguese HundsrŘcker have "orche" (strong) problem with our debate and thus in particular I try (with my Frankish dialect) slowly and to speak clearly. Family descent is still relatively important here and thus we often find out from the people of which families them are descended. It is amusing as me from a man of 84 years is asked whether I knew the family "Anyhow". Unfortunately, I explain nobody from to him that I this family would know what can happen with 80 million Germans absolutely, whereupon charming man a little bit disappointed means: "It is a pity, Mr. "Sowieso" was because my baptismal priest!"
Rafting: The next day then together with Marlon and Mateus it goes to the Rafting. Marlon has taken part in 1992 as 15-year-old already in the discipline white-water departure in the Olympic plays in Barcelona and thus we are in the best hands! Together with a group of boy scouts we go on the water and enjoy thus the marvellous journey on Rio Parahana. For us both these are our first Rafting tour. We take a lot of pleasure in the wet element, and with an especially nice wave in the river we stop even, so that everybody can swim through individually. Nevertheless, a little bit bewilderingly it is that our guide speaks only in Portuguese and we understand thus his instructions only hard and in particular I, paddles very much to the general confusion, often anyhow differently.
Packrafting: Then in the Raftzentrum we offer Marlon and his colleague ╚nja in, nevertheless, by our small boats to go what they reject, nevertheless, with thanks, because they mean it would be too dangerous. However, they want to see the boats and when the first one is inflated, nevertheless, Marlon wants to venture an attempt, and, finally, we still inflate the second boat for ╚nja. First our both professional canoeists are still sceptical (above all because they have no hose cover), nevertheless, bit by bit they seem to get more and more fun. When we want to take a break them, finally, in the wave know and proceed to the rodeo in the wave. The ride is hard, nevertheless, even as the boat completely fully with water is leave the boys not laxly. Nevertheless, the wide grin on her faces puts aside all other questions! However, for her competitions they rather want to remain with her old boats.
Small ride: Also I insist it of course and squeeze myself in the wave into one of the small white-water boats. Though Rafting is nice, is to be romped, however, here so completely only in the water already something else! Though I cannot compete against the competition round myself (3 national team's drivers) and more often than me are present nicely is I am with the head in the water. However, luckily I have not forgotten the Eskimo role yet and thus I stay down at least in the boat. The photo flatters me, by the way, very much and presumably I am gone down few seconds later again down.
Radiointerview: Immediately twice we are invited by the local radio stations in a radioshow. The presenters take care very much and professionally and the colleagues from hr1 can cut off themselves from her Brazilian colleagues well and with pleasure sometimes a disc. In particular the interview of Nanni is a very first cream. We cannot divide the music taste of the radio stations, nevertheless, completely so. While the radio station of Taquara during his show above all on popular music (Jodler, Polka und Co.) stands Nanni puts on the newest discs of the German folk music hit parade. We had to answer some difficulties, nevertheless, then the listeners call, because the HundsrŘcker dialect with our German on the phone is not to be brought completely so well in harmony. Nevertheless, wittily we find that the presenter in Taquara after every song for safety's sake once more fast the topical time has announced:" It is six o'clock, six o'clock and 29 minutes and 29 minutes... It is six o'clock, six o'clock and 32 minutes and 32 minutes"
To guest with Cl˛vis and Ronete: We spend our third night in Igrejinha with Cl˛vis and Ronete, to the parents of Jacco which is, nevertheless, tonight with his friend on an Italian ball. Also the both have German forefathers, so that we can talk very well in German. Nevertheless, in the everyday life the both speak no German and thus big cheerfulness rules as them many words from her youth rediscover. Above all as a Ronete the remark "Honked like jumped" rediscovered there is before nothing but laughter to no more holds. The next day then the both organise a big Churrasco (grill party) with which to us also the sky with beaming sunshine spoils.
Paraglider mountain: To the after-dinner walk it goes after the Churrasco then by the cars on a nearby mountain. Here meet the sea hoist on the mountain range of the Sierra and thus rule here always very good upward winds which are used by the paragliding to circle here for hours. The view from here on top on Igrejinha and the surrounding valleys is breathtaking and one can see from here in the distance even postage Alegre.
A nice little place: We are invited to the Sunday afternoon cafe then, together with the half Churrascugesellschaft, with the parents of Augusto (Augusto is the friend of the daughter of Cl˛vis and Ronete). The country house they up here in the Sierra have is the absolute dream! From the sitting room the whole valley lies at feet and particularly sunrise -and settings must be absolutely picturesque here. We have forgotten unfortunately our photo album, and thus we use the opportunity to show our small slide show. Nevertheless, in the show it goes linguistically multi-coloredly in a mess. Actually, I should tell on in English, however because Augusto's parents speak also very well in German I explain every now and then what in German. Then, however, at last I tell in Spanish, because from the younger generation is still understood in the earliest one. We are complete fascinated from the staying power our spectators, because when they the pictures wanted to have seen to see from Germany to New Zealand them still our Patagonia photos. So we never had a persevering audience!
Norma and Eguidio: From the mountains it goes back to Gervasio where we have a look at the final the football America's mastery together with pop grain and Shimaron. In the final are to expect how hardly differently, of course Brazil and Argentina. We have a fever of course with the players of Brazil with who, thanks to an Argentine own goal, clearly with 3:0 win. Afterwards, we have meanwhile already 21:00 o'clock there Mateus once again with a friend goes past, it goes to Eguidio, the brother of Lori and his wife Norma with which we spend the next night. Nevertheless, both are meanwhile already in pension, so that we can get a good night's sleep the next day in complete silence (otherwise, it went mostly already between 6:30h and 7:00h again from the feathers!).

216. Weekly report 16.07. - 22/07/2007

Route: Igrejinha, Montenegro, Frederico Westphalen

Caracol: The next day together with Norma and Eguidio we go over again high in the mountains. Together with them we visit the waterfall of Rio Caracol which overthrows 130 m in the deep one here with Canela about a big abyss. Here the Adventure Race team with Maico and Jacco had to rope down, by the way, by the way, with a 5-day running. What unique place for it!
Old Araucarie: In Pucon in Chile they act thus as the Araukarien are there in a national park gives something quite special, however, later we have still discovered many Araukarien in Argentina. Here in Brazil the Araukarien stand on every corner and here with Gramado there is an especially big copy of the nice trees. Here this tree is a little bit 700 years old, 48 m high and has at 1.2-m height an extent of 8.5 m. The Araukarien have, by the way, big seeds about the fire are roasted and then taste very much as hot sweet chestnuts.
Pedal boat swans: White and black pedal boat swans on the Laguna Negro in Gramado. However, the best one is that the amateur captains on her "dangerous" adventure must carry all one life jacket!
Farewell: Best we would still remain much longer with all charming people here in Igrejinha, however if we must still want before the rainy season through Bolivia and Peru we sputen (she becomes supposed to us, nevertheless, in Peru catch up). Nevertheless, here in Igrejinha the resignation is particularly difficult for us, because in spite of the short time a lot of friendship has developed here. Resignations like this are presumably only really "hard" on our trip, however because we are still young everybody still a lot of time remains to us around the friendship to deepen.
Rio grande do Sul: Rio grande do Sul the most southern province of Brazil and predominantly is settled by Italian and German immigrants. The fact that the Italians and Germans have felt fine here in such a way that they have immediately stayed here very nice scenery probably lies with the hilly and. Nevertheless, to us many precipitous hills give a hard time very much, and thus one day passes, actually, nobody in we not 1000 metres height must master. The Brazilian truck of drivers what race the stuff, nevertheless, it holds there on the big federal highways everywhere a first-class tarred side stripe gives here we are sure.
Red earth: Here in south Brazilthe earth is red, as well as already like in Northern Syria and in the out forecastle in Australia. Also here the red earth is absolutely stubborn and after only two overnight stays we have them everywhere in the tent stick.
Rain and night frost: Anyhow just rain season seems to be here, because over and over again we are surprised by really violent rainfall. Nevertheless, something are nibbled at we as us in Frederico Westphalen by an ethnic German reporter with families in the flowing out rain move are interviewed. We are wet up to the underpants and will freeze from the reporter even asked whether we; presumably she has Nadine shake seen. When then the history is, nevertheless, in the box and a few photos are made it flees again in her car and speeds away. Nevertheless, twice we have luck and can build up our tent under a roof. If it does not rain sometimes we have at least nicely frosty nights, nevertheless, just the coldest winter rules here in South America for many years (in Buenos Aires it has the first time has been snowing 87 years again).

217. Weekly report 23.07. - 29/07/2007

Route: San Miguel do Oeste, Bernando de Irigoyen (Argentina), Puerto Iguaz˙ (Argentina), Foz Iguaz˙ (Brazil)

Mateus's aunt (Bra). : Judith, Mateus's aunt lives with her family a little 600 km farther to the north of Igrejinha directly on our rod to the Iguaz˙ to waterfalls. Mateus believed that we were already expected from his aunt, and she would be already glad about our visit. As far as the plan, however, Mateus has called up only his cousin to whom then has forgotten the information to transmit to his mother, so that we stand all at once abruptly before the door. To us the situation is of course really embarrassingly, however, nevertheless we are taken up very nicely. The family has a small forwarding agency with 2 trucks and in the ground floor of her house a gigantic tiled hall, so that we can whip there our night's lodging. Judiths man is on the move just in the Amazon area to keep a lookout after new transport possibilities, and the video recordings them to us of it point are frightening. Gigantic trucks torment themselves wildly sliding by an at least 50 cm deep mud runway. Luckily we do not have to go there with our wheels.
Argentine cyclist (Argentina). : The shorter way to the Iguaz˙ to waterfalls leads on the last kilometres through Argentina, and because we want to have a look at the waterfalls from the Brazilian ones as well as from the Argentine side we take of course the abbreviation. Then on the way we hit on Luis, an Argentine pilgrim's eagle from La Plata (to the south of Buenos Aires), and a few days cycle together with him. Luis has at least one as scarcely limited budget like us, and thus we have found, in spite of strict night frost, a real ally with the wildly tent. We spend the first night though still legally with a ranger station in the national park, nevertheless, at the second night we build up our tent on a small parking bay of a side way. In the middle of the night a park ranger trips past him like he says 100 m farther behind lives. However, there Luis keeps quiet and the ranger apparently compassion with us to poor German cyclists has we may remain. Together with Luis we visit, by the way, the Argentine side of the waterfalls.
Dirty kids (Argentina).: Far away of the very used high streets we go about Schleichwege to Puerto Iguaz˙ and thus we also have to go about some Rutas de Tierra (earth ways). The earth ways pass them of rigid red earth if it is dry, is to be driven on very hard and really. Nevertheless, half an hour of rain is sufficient to make a mud runway of the worst kind from the good runway. Though we are spared luckily by the rain, however, in a forest piece the street of the last rain has not completely dried up yet. Thus it comes that Nadine as well as Luis lie down at the same time on the only 10 m long slushy segment on the nose. Above all Luis gets it especially badly and he as well as his bicycle are completely anew decorated by the red mud. Then the red mud is also quite stubborn and thus it lasts some day to everything again is clean.
Butterflies 1 (Argentina).: The closer we to the waterfalls come more butterflies we find. All together should give it here in the national park more than 500 different butterfly's kinds. Nevertheless, here this copy is especially curious and hand-tame. The butterfly spends nearly 1 half an hour with us, is deprived from all sides take photos and even on the finger.
Butterflies 2 (Argentina).: Then at last I have immediately two butterflies on myself sit who particularly apparently like the salt on my sweaty cap. Even when we again start again cycling they  still stay down for some kilometres, however, then with an especially precipitous and quick departure they then fly away.
Cataratas Iguaz˙ (Argentina).: The Iguaz˙ waterfalls lie on the border between Brazil and Argentina and on both sides there are national parks from which one can visit them. Rio Iguaz˙ arises in Brazil and is fed all together by 30 rivers, before he comes here. On a width of 2,470 km overthrow here 1750 m │ per second water in 275 waterfalls in the depth (more in the rainy season). The whole spectacle is so impressive that Eleonor Roosevelt "poor Niagara" has meant when she has visited the Cataratas Iguaz˙.
Circuito Superior (Argentina).: In the park there are two footpaths to directly to the waterfalls. We explore only the upper way to us almost in the waterfall  along to the waterfalls Bosetti, Bernabe, Mandez and MbiguÓ leads which still hide half in the morning smoke.
Circuito Inferiorly (Argentina).: From the lower footpath one can marvel at in particular at the Bosetti waterfall from very close and absolutely a little bit humid experience can become.
San of Martin Falls (Argentina).: With a small ferry one can translate on Isla San Martin to reach a vantage point with a marvellous look at the San of Martin Falls there after few metres. We are so close in the waterfall that we get every now and then a well-arranged load of water according to wind direction.
Park inhabitant (Argentina).: We find these trusting, or penetratingly to begging, park inhabitant in particular on all picnic places where they beg absolutely coolly the visitors or rummage through the garbage cans for food leftovers. However, it can already seem once that they to an unadvised visitor who can be taken a photo with them fast sometimes in the pocket climb around after a few delicacies to look.
Garganta del Diabolo I (Argentina).: The devil's throat or the devil's gulch (according to translation) is the most impressive waterfall in Iguaz˙. One can reach the gigantic waterfall about a 1-km-long footbridge in the middle about the river goes, to make, finally, so near at the fact is that one is own word hardly more understands.
Garganta del Diabolo II (Argentina).: The blustering water masses make an unbelievable noise during them in the depth are thundering. Then below they whirl up so much water that that the lower third of the waterfall disappears in a thick smoke cloud.
Private national park (Bra). : The next day then it goes on the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. And right at the outset the big shock: Although in 1986 from UNESCO to the World Heritage site has explained to Brazil the national park (or the rights of use) to a private company sells. Everywhere it is swarming with employees everybody into perfect American English speak (an American company has presumably bought the park). Though we may go by our bicycles in the park, nevertheless, nevertheless, we have to do nose over again 2, - Ç pay for the shuttle coach, because it could be, that we want to use him, nevertheless! During in a national park ordinarily the protection and the preservation of the nature for future generations at all first place stand a "private park" is aimed of course quite clearly according to economic interests. No miracle that one Rope here from Rafting climbing, high rope garden, boat tour, Zodiak tour under the waterfalls, bicycle tour, Jungle tour and jeep safari up to the helicopter round flight everything can book what the heart popularly (the boat tours, nevertheless, there was also on the Argentine side). If Eleonora Roosevelt became today again visit now she would presumably come to say "poor Iguaz˙" to express with it her sympathy with the marvellous waterfalls of which a part of her natural beauty and dignity was robbed by the whole commerce. Then, nevertheless, a nice park employee is so charming and leaves us by our bicycles behind the roadblock and takes one more photo of us. In the background one sees the waterfalls on the Argentine side which we have visited yesterday.
Floriano falls (Bra).: Then about a 1.2-km-long concreted footpath it goes, past several Service center up to the Floriano falls. In the Servicecentern the adventure vacationer can allow to burn his digital pictures directly on CD, or even allow to print out. Moreover, there are richly soft drinks and ice, so that nobody must break off the strenuous wandering because of exhaustion prematurely. Nevertheless, we succeed successfully along all temptations and without suffering a weakness attack reaching up to the Floriano to cases.
In the middle in it instead of, only besides: A footbridge virtually leads in the middle right into the Garganta del Diabolo. One stands in the middle of the river, and on all sides falls of the Iguaz˙ in the depth. On the left in the picture middle one sees the footbridge and the view platform.
Garganta del Diabolo III: Here from the view platform in the middle of the river we are so close to the waterfalls that I is to be wiped constantly, besides, the hose water by the camera and in particular by the lens. We have come, by the way, unfortunately exactly at the time here in which in Argentina as well as in Brazil winter holidays are. By many tourists (to whom we count of course also) here rules an unbelievable bustle. Everybody wants to pose before the waterfalls, it is shouted, pushed and pushed. Because the tourists are on the move, however, mostly in gigantic travel groups, or come because of the shuttle service as whole coach loads, we have occasionally once again some rest.
Rainbows: Thanks to thick nebulous clouds the sun can create here everywhere absolutely magnificent rainbows.
Farewell from Brazil: Although no direct waterfall neighbour lies here in the border triangle still Paraguay, and after we have had a look at the Cataratas Iguaz˙ extensively we make to ourselves of heavy heart about them borders in our next country.




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