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To have the possibility to help people in need unbureaucratic and fast we started a donation account. Without big expense which many organisations have for your administrative apparatus we can hand over the donated money directly the destitute.

So far to our idea in 2003. However, meanwhile (2005) it has appeared that the whole does not clap completely in such a way as we have thought this to us. Nadine and I are rather a little bit too shyly around bigger donation projects anzuleiern, and the passing on of the donation money is in particular in the case of the Tsunami donations has also not so run as we have hoped for this. Not possibly that we would have doubt about the proper use of the donation money, however, I had to send countless mail to find out finally that pictures on the Internet site are published by Red Bicycle. I could be insulted have to do from Debra (from Red Bicycle) whether I was probably too decayed to look even for the pictures which she wanted to send me as quickly as possible! We have hand over (the money in March, 2005 with the assurance immediately pictures and a small info text for the handing over to agree. At the middle of June, 2005 the pictures were on-line put with Red Bicycle without info to me and after the nth ones mail I have got to know now in September, 2005 together with the term of abuse). Because the donations come, besides, merely from the narrow circle of friends, we have decided to put the donation action! Over again thank you very much to all donators!!!!!!!!

Cycleriksha: Do you still remember our visit at a child home in Jemo in Inden? At that time we have collected donation money on our Internet site and have handed over this then man and Mrs. Roy, heart and soul of the project. With a part of the money a Fahrradriksha with which a family can gain from now on her own living was bought.

Well: The second half of our donation money was invested in a well. Access to fresh drinking water is absolutely of vital importance and not everywhere in the world one must open up for it just the tap as we know meanwhile

Tsunami donation: Long it is, spendenaufruf for the Tsunami victims! We are neither in Thailand nor in Indonesia to the affected areas come, and thus we have handed over the money to Mike and Debra. Miker and Debra have a bicycle store on Koh Samui and have initiated in cooperation with the Rotary club an auxiliary project for the inhabitants on the island Kao Lak who have been forgotten by the government and the Internetionalen aid. After in the first auxiliary round (before our donation), already building material was bought and was brought on the island, there were in the 2nd round (mitte June) then bicycles, school material and fresh food for the Insebewohner. There are other pictures under Has got the pictures jetz first (September, 2005)

Child home in Jemo: Then after 5 days and 415 km we establish Jemo. In Jemo stands a child home and a disabled person's equipment by Gandhi Kinderhilfe inc. from bath Mountain Cam (30 km to the south of our native country castle Lim) was built up and is examined. The "father" of the initiative Dr. B.N. Roy was just with his wife for visit on site and had invited us already some months ago by email. Open we have gone with very mixed feelings to Jemo. We were still to be processed, besides, our experiences by the railway station in New Japalguri and the refusals of the hotels and long-distance lorry driver's motorway service areas. Moreover, had always struck us during our 5-month India stay that there is in India more than enough to food, and that also the water quality was not so bad (we have always drunk tap water). Further there are in India so many incredibly rich people who look a humid rubbish around her arms. The situation is still aggravated by the fact that many teachers and doctors work in the hospitals and schools consciously faultily to earn money then in private practices and as a private tutor, in addition!!! All these thoughts whirred in our head around when we went on the area of the child home in Jemo. We rose just from our wheels when we were already warmly welcomed by man and Mrs. Roy as well as a whole crowd of children, and before we we provided our wheels and our equipment were stowed away in business premises. We became in a very nice guest-room (also the rest of the arrangement was maintained wonderfully) accommodated and could wash to us first of all the dust of the street, before we were spoilt with a superior lunch. Also during the following days we were looked really moving. We can safely say that we have felt very well.

Orphanage and projects: We have already expressed our scepticism compared with auxiliary projects in India on top, and thus we were the happier than we ascertained to have landed here at a place which all negative reports about ntwicklungshilfeberichte (misappropriation and wrong application of donation money) Lie punished. The children were examined rundherrum very well and affectionately, so that one could properly feel you felt fine. Beside the child home inc. became from Gandhi Kinderhilfe still a school (incl." Private tutors") for children from poor family background maintain. Especially gifted pupils were allowed even a continuing school education., Among the rest, this is allowed with godparenthood one for just 6€ / month and child can take over! Nevertheless, the Biyoendu Memorial institute is no equipment closed in itself. The attached sick person's station is open to all. Further a small school in which women are trained to seamstresses will maintain. Also one looks after the destitute families of the area by the construction of well arrangements or by the advance financing of bicycle rickshas and sewing machines, so that impoverished families can earn her living itself. Especially well has liked us that the bicycle rickshas and sewing machines are only prefinanced in principle. Thus the families have to earn the possibility money without losing, besides, her self-esteem. To owe is this really sensible and around successful equipment to the untiring application of the family Roy from bath Mountain Cam. Mr. Roy comes, actually, from Jemo and has emigrated more than 40 years ago to Germany to try his "luck", and now tries to help his old native country something. We were always impressed, from the uncomplicated and hearty kind with the Roys after all small and big worries in and around the child home have looked. By the way, everybody is always to be looked pretty welcome around itself the project with own eyes. It adds infos: Gandhi Kinderhilfe Bad Camberg inc. Röntgenstr. 25a 65520 baths Mountain Cam, 06434 / 5471,,

 Donations: From our big donation call great 400€ have gathered (nevertheless, only 5 donations all together). We ourselves were persuaded of the whole project very much (here it is worked with heart and brain!) and, hence, thus we have decided as a bicycle traveller to use the money accordingly. Thus a bicycle ricksha (150€) and a pumping well (250€) will be purchased by the money. Then the bicycle ricksha we are drawn lots under families without own income by which this family will be able in the future to provide for her own living (though the family must pay off in rates at its own discretion half a purchase price of the ricksha to earn money, however, with the possibility now this is no problem and thus they can also preserve her self-esteem). We have decided on the well, because by us on our trip becomes conscious every single day how important fresh drinking water is. Often we have seen women and children, the water canisters kilometre-far from nearest wells home had to drag, and thus we can help at least a pair of families to fresh water. Other donations are able to do either on our donation account or directly on the donation account of the Gadhi child help bath Mountain Cam inc.: United national bank e. G. Castle Lim bank code number 51190000 accounts No.: 42331 are transferred.

Do you still remember Tatiana and Michael, our first hosts in the Ukraine? When we with them were staying we have seen that her slippers of full holes were and thus we decided to send them a few new ones. We have bought them at a weekly market. To send them to them we organised in an electric market a cardboard and packed the shoes. Then on the post one explained to us (on in Russian) that the package does not correspond to the standard masses. So we still bought a small package on the post and repacked the shoes over again. We hope Tatiana and Michael are glad about the shoes and wish them all the best.

We rested just before a store in Baserabi. Because we the letzen days no Roumanian money had we move our just removed money immediately in bread and cheese. While we have breakfast there so joined to ourselves a Roumanian boy to ourselves. Nadine smears to him also a cheese sandwich which he devours happily and disappears then.



Then a few minutes later he came back with his friends again. Now one meant to smudge for Nadine Käsebrote like on the production line. If it think has tasted to them to all really. Our bread was finished, by the way, after only 10 minutes.



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