Autria part 1: 17.06. - 26.06.2003

Translated by PROMT-Online-Translator

Route: Seefeld, Innsbruck, Wörgl, Kufstein

Distance: 157 Km

We seized the next days on the tent exhibition in Seefeld (unfortunately, a little bit badly attended) to bring our equipment back to a good shape (tshank you Ufo and Gusti). Very helpfully were also the conversations at the campfire with the product developers and field representatives of the manufacturer. I hope I can remember all the tips from everybody. This event was the last possibility for our friends to be met us. Nicely that some came to see us again. We will still think back long to the nice hours at the campfire.

Meanwhile we have cycled the first four weeks and still don´t feel the least homesickness. But now everything after the row. From Seefeld we cycled down against orders the Zirler mountain with the bicycles. Unfortunately, before us was a wooden transporter, so that we could drive only max. 10 km/h. Then in Zirl had arrived suddenly a police patrol three cars behind us, however, luckily it had no interest in us. In Innsbruck we have made first a lion's picture (the Weilburger logo for the Hessen-day in 2005) before the "Golden Dacherl", and afterwards shoppef for one more cup as a guest's cup. From now we can also invite the nice people we meet to a cup of tea.
After we have spent the night on an island in the Inn, the next morning then we went on by boat; but only after I have given one more phone interview with HR 3 XXL (Martin) our radiostation. The current on the Inn was so well, that it became nearly a disaster in Brixlegg. There is after bridges always a little more tumultuous current so we decided to paddle again. Too late we noted the sighn not to go under the middle bridge segment. Before we we managed to spaddle away we approached a 1-m-high standing wave with big rapids. First everything ran wonderfully, however, then a mindless paddle blow, and we floated all at once crosswise to the current! We have taken the next wave mountain diagonally, before we had the boat again fully under control.The results of capsicing would have been hard. The Inn was very quick at this point (more than 10 km/h) and no eddy was around. To get an about 100 kg boat to the shore with this current a without an eddy would have become extremely strenuous alet ast. In any case the luck is, as everybody knows, with the competent (or were these the silly?) and we have got well over the situation. After the first days stage with 55 km was rather easy with 5-hrs travel time, the next day we have stopped (10 km behind Wörgl) our small boat tour again. The Inn is braked from there at regular intervals on approx. 10 km by dams and power stations which means rthat we have to carry everything around it (with our luggage an undertaking of about 1-1,5 hrs).

AUSTRIA PART 2: 02.07. - 12.07.2003

Route: Linz, Ybbs, Wien, Hainburg

Distance: 482 Km

By the persistently bad weather our laundry mountain grew in the same measure as the loading state of our batteries shrank. With a visit in the launderette in Linz we wanted to solve both problems. I asked one of my "small takl buddy while Nadine is doing the shopping" where a public launderette may be. Because to none was known to him he offered to me that we could use his washing machine. Uncertain as howv I should react to this unexpected invitation I declined with thanks. A little later we were in a conversation on the main square with a cyclist who recognised immediately that we not to the usual Danube cyclists. Peter had cycled with his wife Gerda for 1 year through Mongolia, China, Tibet and the Philippines. Also he knews no launderette in Linz and thus he offered us to use his washing machine. This time we were not perplexed so and accepted our first invitation (to wash). Without further ado we cycled to his home where Gerda was occupied to prepare the invitation for her teacher colleagues for the evening. Quickly it changed from the offer to the laundry to andovernight invitation. After we had refreshed ourselves (thus a shower is really luxury!) the laundry on the rope and the batteries were charged Peter took us to a guided tour around town which ended, finally, in a café in the main square. Then again back there was still the "remains" from the Raclett. Tired, and full we crept after midnight in our tent. Our departure moved so we to the afternoon to have still the opportunity to us to maintain something with Gerda. Then in the next evening we had the honour to see the freshly sorted slides of Peters and Gerdas trip through Asia ( In particular the pictures and stories of Mongolia and Tibet have impressed us very much. Thinks if it should be possible anyhow we also try to visit these countries.
Peter offered us that we could stay in the cabin of his grandpa in Hößgang (60 km downstream directly on the Danube). Spontaneously he also decided to accompany us on this day. On the way we visited the concentration camp Mauthausen. If think we will not probably forget the sight of the narrow death staircase, the gas chamber and the combustion stoves any more. We can only recommend to everybody to have a look at a concentration camp with his own eye. We have not been able to image this and now we have at least a small insight into the cruelty which happened there (no pictures, because for the subject is too serious.). Then in the evening we went to the "Mostheurigen". With the fruit juice wine bar the farmers are allowed to sell their own fruit juice (mixture of pears and cider) and basic food (sausage, bread...) at a tax reduced pricel for 3 weeks. On the farm on which we have been the barn was altered in beautiful place. Here we got to know Peter's brothers and sisters. Apparently he comes from a family of nothing but world travellers. Peter and Gerda cycled as I said through China and Asia. A sister lived during 1 year in Australia and now is on return journey; of course on the road. Another sister lives in Amsterdam and was just here for a visit. Finally, then Maria and her man Frank. They had gone a few years ago with their Landrover for 1 year through Russia with his satellite states (wilder than other) and Asia. Particularly they had to report a lot about their experiences and adventures. Thus the hours vanished faster when we hoped for. We spent the night then in grandpas cabin (grandpa is 90 and comes in nice weather still daily here in his the car ). A firm roof over the head, running water and a toilet are not really bad.
The next afternoon then about 15:00 o'clock we said goodbye with heavy hearts to Peter and Gerda. From the invitation for the laundry washing three wonderful days have come. Now thank you Peter and Gerda for your hospitality we are already looking forward to see you again.
In Vienna which owns thanks to Hundertwasser nice district heating power station we have visited first of all a bicycle shop, because my (Martin) front wheel fork made some strange noise. Luckily we have found a Cannondaledealer (Cyclopia). First they have offered me to repair my fork up to the next day, however, my 50 kg of luggage I had deposited directly before their door convinced them that here probably quicker help was necessary. Then after 2.5 hrs the cracks were away for 16€. I asked the mechanic still for the cause and he explained to me into broken English that he has postgreased the bearrings and that otherwise everything is in order. Then to spend the night we have gone onto the Danube island. We had finished just our dinner and wanted to build up just our tent when from the neighbouring bushes a homeless came tripped. Not very much enthusiasm aroused from the idea to have several of his colleagues at night behind our tent, so we decided to change the location.
While driving off we noted, that my front wheel fork still made some noise. We went again to the bicycle shop although my hepatitis vaccination had to be still refreshed. Nice if one is on the move with a pedriatic nurse who can give the vaccination directly before the chemist's shop. Then also this afternoon we spent again before the bicycle shop (see picture: the shop is on the top right in the corner). Also this time they wanted to put me off again for the next day. Then after 2.5 hours I found out for 44€ that the upper ball bearing was defective (it was maybe yesterday already?) . Then meanwhile it was evening so that we again went on the Danube island, however, this time we pitched our tent outside from Vienna. Up to the mosquitoes which attacked me during the 5 minutes until the tent was ready least 40 times, we remained absolutely unmolested.
We have celebrated Nadines birthday with an extensive breakfast with home-made apple pancakes. Unfortunately, the apple pancakes Nadine have tasted so good that she first had no desire for going on. Actually, we wanted to spend the day comfortably in a lake or on the Danube, but then in search of a recall telephone box we have gone on and on to Hainburg. Also here our Odyssey remained fruitless, so that we spent finally, almost our whole day budget at Austrian Telekom. A tourist was so inspired by our travel idea that she gave us spontaneously 20€. We were so inspired by the present that we bought ourselves together a pizza, a pizza bread and a box of ice (1 litre).
As we were on the search for an overnight stay , Gerhard and Nicole came along. Both inhabitants of Innsbruck are just on the way to Damascus (Syria); of course also by bike. Unfortunately, they have not so much time like us, and must have reached their destination in 2 months As a teacher for the shower method with 1.5 l of PET bottle they will probably remain to us for the rest of our trip in good recollection. Their website is:



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